Ucha Gvinjilia – Partner, Economist. Studied in Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University on the faculty of International Economic Relations in 1992-1995. In 2004 he graduated State University of Hannover (Germany) in the specialization of Management of Enterprises (Unternehmehsfuehrung). In Germany he passed full course of State Law (Offentliches Recht), Business Law (Wirtschaftsrecht), Civil Law (Privatrecht). He is winner of Banking contest (Sparkasse) of Hannover (Business Plan Wettbewerb 2003). Working Experience: 2002-2004 Head of construction company (Hannover, Germany) 2004-2006 Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia; Since 2006 he is director of private companies, financial manager and advisor mainly in the field of construction. Specialization: Large-scale construction and trading companies, International Investment Companies.

Languages: Georgian, Russian, German, English