Mikheil Sulakvelidze is a founder partner of SLB Group. He is an expert of Civil and Administrative jurisprudence with general specialization (Criminal Law, Civil Law, Administrative Law, International Law). Work experience: General Courts, specialist of clerical duties, assistant of Judge, participant of reformation of General Courts, general specialization in barrister affairs, court enforcer on civil cases of National Bureau of Enforcement of Ministry of Justice of Georgia, expert of enforcement of problematic cases, representation of construction companies in development projects. Head of standing arbitrage and chief trial arbiter. Education: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (Diploma of Lawyer with honors), Qualification Exam of Barristers with honors, Qualification Exam of Enforcers with honors, Qualification Exam of Judges with honors. Scientific work: Role of written evidence in Civil Law Procedure, new legal interpretation of the notion of evidence; Means of legal securities n Civil Law.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian.